The Simmons Sisters and Couture Luv, ‘Fashionable for Obama 2012’


Recently Couture Luv has joined forces with the Simmons Sisters, Angela and Vanessa for their ‘Gotta Vote Block Party’  in Miami, Florida in support of Obama’s Re-election in 2012. As an incentive to let young adults know that it’s okay to vote… While looking fashionable nonetheless; Couture Luv gave fashion filled gift bags to whose, who of Miamis’ socialites in attendance.

The powerful trio is urging young adults to get involved and educate themselves on this years important election. Not only is it imperative that we get out and vote but it’s necessary and crucial. How can we expect change we can’t listen up, stand up, and speak up and advocate and demand a  change!

Join Couture Luv’ and The Simmons Sisters in support of Obama 2012!

[Photo Credit: Angela Simmons, CEO & Founder of Couture Luv Ashley Williams, Vanessa Simmons]




  2. Ashley is such a beautiful woman, I hope she goes far!

  3. Brittney says:

    The simmon sisters are so beautiful! I can’t wait too check out CL!

  4. I’m so proud of Ashely as well as you JL I’m praying for the both of you. I want you guys too go far in life!

  5. I’m in tears, JL you’re just amazing. I’m loving all of this right now!

  6. ‘3 strong beautiful black women, now all we need in the picture is you lol JL but no seriously!

  7. Thanks so much everyone!!

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