Culture Shock Presents ‘Couture Luv’

Date: July 21st – 5pm until…  (Walk starts at 6pm)
Location: 1254 Murphy Avenue SW Atlanta GA 30310
Sponsors: Ikes Tropical Food Marts, African City,, Prolific Perceptions….
Culture Shock is a fashion show that showcases different tastes in art, talent, & fashion from different cultural backgrounds that will create a positive reflex response to the society!
I got the name culture shock from the definition. Culture shock – the personal disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to unfamiliar culture, way of life or set of attitudes.
The concept of the show is to show a merge of chronologically from the 70s up until present date. I am trying to show how modernized fashion has gotten over the years. Couture Luv did 16 looks at the show as well as being a vender at the event. CEO Ashley Williams
My hair was done by: kay-Ann Archer Atlanta GA
Make-up: Me

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. Loved the pictures and the looks. I’ll be heading over to that site shortly!

  2. THe CEO of Couture Luv is so beautiful!

  3. yasss this is giving me so much life!

  4. very fab!

  5. Loved the coverage, the outfits actually look nice.

  6. Fashionable Lisa says:

    Those rings are to die for, I MUST order a couple!

  7. Feeling the looks. This is a fab website!

  8. Hunty their looks are fierce!

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