Art Of A Lady: The Essence Of Being A Woman

Who is the young innovative woman behind Art Of A Lady?

One word to describe me: Passion. I live to do everything in Passion. I believe passion distinguishes a person from ordinary to great. If I am not passionate about something, I will not do it. I will search for what I am passionate about. I am 22 Years old, I currently live in Maryland, planning to move to NYC in 2013 to endeavor in my fashion career.

The question “who I am” always triggers a lot of internal thinking. I’m at the stage in life where I’m changing. I am a young woman with aspirations and dreams, yet I will not compromise my morals and standards to get them. I used to be (still am, to an extent) a shy girl who got walked on by people.

I’ve changed into a Woman who speaks her mind, yet I’m striving to learn how to speak my mind at times; at other times keep my thoughts to myself.

It’s still hard for me to walk up to people to introduce myself, yet my brand and blog, Art of a Lady has enabled me to speak to people without being afraid. I hope to answer this question at 30 years old differently.

What does Fashion mean to you?

I’ve watched Runway shows since I was a little girl. My dream as a little girl was to work behind the scenes at a Paris Runway show and then create my own fashion line. I’m so passionate about dressing, grooming, styling, and designs. I am obsessed with trying on outfits and daring to be different; yet my mom always represented the classy woman and that is what I inspire to be. Sometimes I dare to be too different and always have to remind myself of what I want to create and what my brand is about: Class.

What’s your inspiration for starting your blog ‘Art of A Lady” and when did you get your website up and running?

My Inspiration is My Grandmothers: Sarah Cofield (who I’m Named after) and Gwendolyn Alexander. I live in Maryland, not a fashion capital. I wanted to start my fashion career so I decided to start a fashion and style blog. I wanted my blog to be about fashion and also women.

My grandmothers represented Class and the strength of women and I wanted to represent that, so many girls and women do not understand the Art of a Lady, that we do not have to be stuck in the 1920’s but we have lost some tradition and I would like to bring some tradition back. My website started February 2011.

What sets your website apart from other Fashion based websites?

My website represents honesty. All the writers, and posts displayed is completely honest. I love to up-build people and allow people to stand out. The most rewarding part is to see someone excited to be posted on Art of a Lady. I do not care how many people come to my blog, I am more concerned about why and did they enjoy the blog.

How do you keep your website innovate and refreshing?

I love to write about different cultures and seek out styles and personalities from around the world. We like to up-build at Art of a Lady. I LOVE to write about women issues that we face, whether it’s dating, relationships, careers, or zits on the forehead. I want to cover it all. More importantly, I want Women to understand who they are, why they are that way, and learn to CHANGE. Change isn’t a bad thing; That’s how we grow. I use a lot of personal issues of my own to speak, I am not a psychology major but I do like to question things we believe. Art of a Lady also displays every sort of woman, from the Rock and Roll Lady to the YSL Lady.

How will you be taking Art Of A Lady to another level and what do you have planned for the future? 

I plan to style more, working with more clients, and posting more styling of myself. Ultimately, I would love to have multiple writers represent Art of a Lady, and I want to move away from writing and more in to styling. 

Personal Twitter:  SaraTheMoguless

Official Website Twitter:  ArtOfALady

Official Website:



  1. I’m very proud of this young woman. She’s doing something positive with herself. I wish her nothing but the best.

    and JL this has to be one of your better interviews thus far. I’m proud of the both of you.

  2. INSPIRED! says:

    Loved the in-depth interview. I wish Sara much success. I’ve also bookmarked her website. I love the throwback feel of her website.

  3. Shamefully Classy says:

    From the ever so classy Sara to the fierce JL… I’m loving this interview so much. I loved how the conversation followed between the both of you guys. Very effortless.

  4. Loving her website and interview. So couture so chic!

  5. Shontelle says:

    Loved this interview and I loved the way this young lady carried herself.

  6. Sweet Baby says:

    Bravo, wonderful interview.

  7. I’m soo honored and humbled to be interviewed. Thank you all for displaying positive comments.

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