5 Essential Things A Girl Needs For The College Life!

You’re heading off to college and a mixture of emotions are running through your head making a confusing recipe! You’re excited, nervous, happy, sad, etc. You have to learn how to function effectively at your new home away from home ASAP. What are five essential items to keep yourself comfy & less stressed that will help you out? in no particular order let’s kick things off with..
  • Number one: A Makeup Bag! Sometimes long, hot walks to classes can make you sweat like a whore in church, especially when you’re in a hurry. If you think you have this issue you should leave 5-10 minutes earlier to apply a fresh touch up before class & feel confident about your appearance.
  • Number two: A phone with good contacts saved; A PHONE WITH GOOD CONTACTS SAVED! After a stressful week of college, you need time for yourself & relaxation with your friends to reduce stress. These friends will be there to support you and keep you sane after you study for hours upon hours by giving you a good laugh. Not to mention they’ll get you out of your dorm and into a good party. 😉
  • Number three: PEPPER SPRAY! You all know that there are some CRAZIES out there lurking waiting to rob you, kidnap, etc. Even though you are on a college campus, any person can walk through the campus trying to cause trouble. If anyone tries to run up on you, whip out that pepper spray and KEEP spraying until they hit the ground. Chances are they’re going to be stronger than you, so swinging on them won’t work.
  • Number four: SNACKS! Classes can be long and very early causing you to miss breakfast. Then you’ll get those awkward tummy rumbles and have everyone look at you funny. Grab a granola bar & some juice to snack on while you wait for lunch to help your hunger. This is also beneficial because chances are you won’t eat too heavily at lunch if you buy it on a held over stomach instead of an empty one. Got to keep that body right! 😉
  • Number five. A LAPTOP COMPUTER! This is vital for many aspects of college including completing assignments, doing research, taking notes, and even when you want to Skype a loved one to check up on them. Your computer will be your best friend. It’s important to keep in touch with the people you left at home so you don’t feel so overwhelmed & can get some quality advice from them when needed. They’ll just love that you’re thinking about them enough to contact them.
I’m currently going through the college experience myself and it’s such a crazy ride! These can be the most stressful or the most fun years of your life. It all comes down to what you make it by balancing your hard work with play time & what you keep with you to help keep your mind right.
–And once it’s the weekend, you can say, “..Cheers to the freakin weekend..” *in my Rihanna voice* MUAH!

-xoxo Martha M.

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  1. Loving this post! I don’t have laptop and it makes things so much harder.

  2. My girlfriend should read these girl talk postings…. JL can we get a mens room posting soon?

  3. love love love!!

  4. Christine says:

    I agree with #3 esp if you’re walking across the campus at night by yourself!

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