Miss McGuire’s Top 5 Beauty Picks!

Everyone loves to look in the mirror and see a fresh face smiling back. Infomercials are always difficult to trust and you still may be clueless as to what works best for your skin type. In this post, I’ve gathered my personal top 5 beauty must haves (that I have tested) and am going to share them with you all! These are products that a wide range of individuals are guaranteed to be satisfied with & will soon be craving for more!

1) Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – This is a product that not many people are familiar with. It is a celebrity favorite that isn’t highly advertised. I found out about this product via the Doctor Oz show and had to give it a try. Utilizing this product is very simple & will dry up your acne on the face and/or body!

1) Stick a q-tip in the tube completely into the pink substance at the bottom. (Do not shake this product before use..the liquid and pink substance are separated purposely)
2) Spot the product with the q-tip directly on the acne just before bed. (do not rub in)
3) In the morning, wash the drying lotion off with tepid water.
It’s as simple as that! I saw results in 1-2 days! I’m in love with this product.
Available at

2) Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection – This product is vital to have in your daily beauty bag. As you may have guessed, these 9 neutral colors are used to create a natural look for any skin tone. However, this set steps the natural look up with some SHIMMER for a flirty yet relaxed mood. I found this product on a spontaneous shopping trip and it was a wrap! I knew I had to purchase the set! I’ll admit, I wasn’t the best at applying eyeshadow before, but the product comes with “how-to” cards! A great buy for you or a loved one!
Available at

3) Philosophy 3 in 1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, & Bubble Bath – Every time I purchase a new scent, I want to sit there and literally eat this beauty product. I’ve always been impressed by these products and first tried them when I made a trip to the QVC studios in Pennsylvania. It was love at first SNIFF. They have a variety of different scents such as Vanilla Birthday Cake, Raspberry Sorbet, Ooey Gooey Cookie, & more! Yummy for your skin and hair! Just be sure to not use these products on an empty stomach. Available at

4) Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation – This is the heartbeat of my face makeup routine. The product hydrates your skin and is oil free! (I love this because I have naturally oily skin) There are 25 different shades of this foundation to please every customer, and it is great photography makeup! It reflects the light to really make your face angelic. This product provides great coverage and enhances your natural beauty while hiding flaws. The liquid is easy to apply and makes your face look soft and camera ready!
Available at

5) Nicki Minaj MAC Viva Glam Lipstick & Lipgloss – This lip color is to die for
and is my absolute favorite to wear! All the money made from these products are given to the MAC AIDS Fund that care for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and also is utilized for AIDS cure research.

Nicki Minaj has described this shade as a flamingo pink that people aren’t too sure if it will compliment their skin tone, but once they use it, they fall in love. I’m definitely a true “Barb” and I had the same concern.

However, I’m a curious person and I’ll try anything once. One application later, I knew it was perfectly unique and flattering! It especially touches my heart that all the profits are going to such a great cause that Nicki Minaj is truly passionate about. Don’t be afraid to try something new and fun!
Available in store and online at

-xoxo Martha M.

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  1. LOVE this beauty post. I like like the fact that links were included. It made is so much easier purchasing these items!

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  2. Eeek I love Martha’s beauty must haves!

  3. Fabulous picks Miss McGuire! I really want to try that lotion and the link made it even easier to buy it lol!!

  4. I love her beauty picks. Nice.

  5. I’m really loving the MAC lipstick!

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