WTF?!: Jamie Hilton – The Beauty Queen With A Quarter of Her Skull Removed

Former beauty queen has undergone an incredible surgery where a quarter of her skull was removed and stored in her stomach while she recovered from a devastating head injury. Surgeons removed the rear quarter of Jamie Hilton’s skull and placed in her abdomen so that the bone would remain sterile and nourished as her brain swelling subsided. When the mother-of-three and former Mrs. Idaho woke up from the operation she found the large, hard lump in her stomach and a portion of her head missing. The skull remained in her abdomen for 42 days until it was re-attached in a successful operation and now, three months after her near death experience the 36-year-old has returned home.

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Jamie’s brush with death came after she joined her husband Nick and brother-in-law Greg on a salmon fishing trip to Hell’s Canyon in Idaho in June. As Jamie tried to reel in her first fish she lost her footing and fell 12ft on to a boulder. Her husband scrambled down to his wife and found her unconscious, without a pulse and not breathing.

When Nick lifted her, she began breathing again and nearby Forest Ranger called for emergency services. Jamie was airlifted to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise where doctors found her brain had swollen.With her family warned that the next 72 hours would decide if she lived or died, they took the decision to remove a quarter of her skull until the brain swelling went down.

The skull portion remained in her abdomen for 42 days until it was removed and placed back on her head.As she came round from the operation she called the doctor over to her and said: ‘Thank you for what you have done. You have saved my life!’On her blog site where her recovery was detailed Jamie, from Boise, Idaho, spoke about the moment her skull was replaced.



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