The Makeup Maven: Ja’Ya Jstar “Fresh, Fierce and Fabulous”.

What prompted you to become a Make-up Maven?

laughs, You’re mess [smiles]. It’s a crazy story. My dream was to become a singer, I was in a group, then went solo. While working on my demo I used to model on the side. I gave a fashion and talent show and the MUA [Makeup Agent] called out.

I went to RITE AID bought some black radiance makeup. I had no clue what I was going to do with it [laughs]. I painted everyone’s face for the show that night. I received a phone like a week of 2 after that asking me to do makeup for hair magazine. I worked with the magazine, But I still wasn’t trying to make makeup a career.

I was then asked to do make up for a fashion show with women that were recovering addicts. I’ll never forget, this one lady looked at me after I did her makeup and said…

“Oh my god,  I never felt to beautiful about myself and I want to get clean and live right.”

That touched me so deep that I then told myself this is what god has called me to do so here I am [smiles].

When you’re working with clients and you have trouble matching their skin tones and keeping their makeup looking natural. What would you recommend? Is there a particular type of foundation or other medium that is more versatile to even out a global skin tone that might be out there for them to try?

I really never had a problem matching any of my clients YET! [laughs] , I’m a fan of MAC cosmetics. I use MAC studio fix fluid, it’s a medium to full coverage. You can build with it and it keeps the skin looking natural and sometimes it gives the skin a dewy effect.

For the Divas on the go, what bare minimum essentials would you suggest she keep with her at all times to take her ‘Work Look” too a fierce “Night Out” beat ensemble?

Humm, that’s a good question, for myself because I’m always on the go, I love MAC Fix plus. I keep MAC pro lash to add a pop to my eye lashes for a night out. As well as Black Liquid eye liner, you don’t need an expensive liquid liner; The cheap ones works just fine. The final touch would be a shade of lipstick that compliments ones skin tone. With all these essentials you’re ready to take your work look to a fierce night on the town!

How do you get your jobs?  Through an agent, self promotion, word of mouth, etc.?

I must say GOD is good… My work comes from word of mouth and I swear I have t he best Clients [smiles].

What is the toughest part of your job?

Being away from my fiancé and family. It does gets tough some times, when I have to work with someone who has bad skin. For that current moment in time It makes me hate what I do. But, the show must go on!


Your career has the stereotype of catering to “Diva” clients.  Do you find this to be the case?  Any specifics you’d like to share?

I’m a Diva myself [laughs], I love all of my clients, that’s all I’m going to say about that [laughs].

What advice would you give to an aspiring Makeup Maven?

I would tell them to work work work, Get your name out there, Build relationships with photographers , models and local artists.


[End Of Transcript]

Check out photos below of Jaya Jstars work!

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Jstar’s personal twitter: @JayaJstar

Jstar’s official website:



  1. Her work is amazing!!

  2. Beauty Is What I LIVE by. says:

    Loved the interview, makes me want to pick up a makeup brush!

  3. Meekas_Mom says:

    She’s worked with a lot of famous people. Kudos for booking her for an interview JL. love it.

  4. Her paint game is not to be played with!!

  5. Loved the interview. She’s super pretty

  6. Anonymous says:

    When her brushes touches your face, she bring the transformation of beauty out of you….I love her work ….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Her work looks amazing, JL you need to let her beat your face like asap!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m feeling her style and flow. I wish I knew where she was from.

  9. This is my Boo,my sis, and my mentor I love her she’s amazing in heart spirit and in her hands…

  10. JL brought me here of course 🙂

  11. Our Gawdmutha MO brought me here!

  12. Lovely read, loved every minute of it.

  13. Nashville_Goon says:

    She’s a beautiful chocolate sister!

  14. Carmen Banks says:

    I Love JayJStar. My Sister for Life. JayJStar Beats Down for the Gods. She always give her clients 100% satisfaction. I am her personall Barbie Doll, Client, and Muse. Jaya uses your face as her canvas and paints u like the female Michelangelo.

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