Single, and Keeping It Festive For The Holidays!

Chilly weather can get the best of you physically and emotionally. Most wish they had a loved one to cuddle up & spend the holidays with. However, studies have shown that due to the tough economy, people are waiting to get into relationships or get married so they can be better off financially in order to support themselves and family in the future. Forget the statistics! You want that warm, fuzzy, holiday love. This is completely normal. Unfortunately, some holidays our pillows and blankets are our only snuggle buddies.  What can you do to fill this empty feeling & still keep the holiday spirit? Here are some tips:


1 ) Get Involved – Sometimes we take for granted how many blessings we have, and too quickly we point out what we don’t. You have to remember that there are people out there who have it worse than you. You may want a significant other to spend the holidays with, while all they want is shelter to get out of the cold and a hot meal. It really hits home when you consider their disadvantages. It’s a great idea to volunteer at a homeless shelter and donate/cook a holiday meal for the families during these tough times. You can also donate your gently used clothes/toys/miscellaneous items/ etc to a business that will wrap these items and gift them to the less fortunate. Your trash can be a smile in disguise.


2) Pintrest – I can’t stress enough how amazing this website is. If you’ve never heard of Pinterest, you should seriously consider making an account. There are so many unique ideas/pictures about clothing, DIY crafts/food/design/etc. Search different holiday crafts to decorate your house/apartment with and the satisfaction of creating something so festive will give you the adrenaline of a job well done. Plus, your friends will boost your confidence with compliments! Don’t sleep on Pinterest, it’s a guaranteed LOVE!


3) Family – Until we find “The One“, significant others don’t last forever. They eventually break your heart and leave you in your misery. You may be missing out on love from him or her, but the holidays are really about family love. No one can break the bond of a strong family. Even if you’re not so close with some family members, make an attempt to rekindle the bond. Make a phone call, send a “thinking of you” card, go to dinner, do something to show you want to make an effort with them. Family is forever, and they will be your crutch in all of life’s happy and sad times.


Make plans and keep yourself busy, most of all. Write down your New Years resolutions early if you have to and get a head start. The majority of people will start after the new year, and you will be leaps ahead! Love yourself first. Be happy with your current environment before you develop a future one.



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  1. Loved her tips, I’m single and I’ll be using these tips!

  2. I really like her tips. Shes a really good writer!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Her tips are fab, love them!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love Girl Talk, her postings are always so “Festive” as you say JL!!

  5. Love your website. This post was extra festive!

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