Kazaky Debuts “Last Night”.



If we could describe Ukrainian dance group Kazaky’s presence with one word, it would have to be daring. After viral success they were featured in Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video, achieving every pop dance team’s fantasy, and they’ve been seeing much of the fashion world from its back end lately. Their new video, premiering below exclusively for V, is an exercise in pushing boundaries, and a contemporary questioning of objectification.

Kazaky, a.k.a. “The Boys in Heels,” challenge gender norms with every performance, and here, they create a sexy, post-apocalyptic space for that discussion wherein resides, among other conspicuous objects, a giant red ball. In this landscape, artifacts are larger than beings, and a writhing mass can only give way to individual expression once a body can escape by leaping high into the air or by submerging himself in opaque liquids.

But the bravest part of the video is not its sexual suggestiveness. In a region where one can be arrested or worse for defining himself publicly as an alternative lifestyle endorser, “Last Night”’s message traces a history further back than the title implies. Perhaps that red ball is the massive inconvenience Kazaky has faced in creating an image not so far universally accepted, in a notoriously closed-minded place. At least it makes a good jumping-off point.

The boys told us that they composed this song during a plane ride immediately following their photo shoot for V back in March, so we are especially proud to present the first look at the video’s full version.



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