Get The Look: Couture For Men “Twenty-Something” Photoshoot

Twenty-Something” Photoshoot

This young Man just recently graduated college, just landed his career job, yet it takes more than a career job to get rid of his boyish ways.

For Business: Yellow H&M pants, with a vintage burgundy shirt, blue tie and Vintage blazer. The colorful Polo socks gave his look a boyish twist, with casual shoes to calm it down.

For PlayTime: Popular Army Fatigue pants, button down plaid shirt, his college Varsity Jacket, vest over the varsity Jacket and Simple Red Adidas with a Snap-back and H&M Scarf to spice the look up. He wore his own doggy chain and watch as the accessory.

In Between: Took away the burgundy button down shirt and blue tie, made the look casual with a t-shirt and plaid button down with an american bandanna.

Photography: Sara Allie


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