Beyonce Shows Her Support For Gay Marriage

beyonce-gq-1Today, worldwide  icon Beyonce stood as one of the many who support Gay Marriage. Beyonce took to her personal Instagram  to share her views on her gay fans and gay marriage alike.

The diva took to her personal Instagram page and Facebook to post a hand written note stating “you like it you should be able to put a ring on it” in reference to her mega hit Single Ladies The singer later hashtagged the photo ‘#wewillunite4marriageequality’

Beyonce also stated “You can’t” to gays desiring to say, “I do.”

Beyoncé is a Facebook force to be reckoned with — nearly 45 million people have “liked” her page. That’s more than the population of Poland.

Beyoncé is married to rapper Jay-Z. Both have spoken out in favor of marriage equality. And both have praised their pal President Obama for endorsing same-sex marriage.

Showing her full support to the growing fight against marriage inequality, the charitable Pop diva’s words struck a chord with thousands of social media users, most of which praised her so speaking out on an issue she had previously kept quiet about.

Beyonce joins the likes of: P!NK, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and many more who have stood up for gays in the fight for equality!




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