Single, and Keeping It Festive For The Holidays!

Chilly weather can get the best of you physically and emotionally. Most wish they had a loved one to cuddle up & spend the holidays with. However, studies have shown that due to the tough economy, people are waiting to get into relationships or get married so they can be better off financially in order […]

Get Over A Guy In 17 Songs or Less!

Having a bit of trouble getting over your Ex? Ditch the gallon of Rocky-Road ice cream and sappy chick flicks! Look no further! Get over your troublesome Ex with these 17 fun and sassy tracks! 17) Miley Cyrus – 7 Things 16) Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good 15) Amy Winehouse – What […]

5 Essential Things A Girl Needs For The College Life!

You’re heading off to college and a mixture of emotions are running through your head making a confusing recipe! You’re excited, nervous, happy, sad, etc. You have to learn how to function effectively at your new home away from home ASAP. What are five essential items to keep yourself comfy & less stressed that will […]

Girl Talk: Keeping Up With Everyday Life While Keeping Your Partner Happy

Balancing day-to-day life while still making time for your partner Let’s face it, the economy is a bitch & being in grind mode is a MUST in order to pay bills, buy groceries, take care of loved ones, & splurge for ourselves. 😉 Life can definitely be stressful but don’t forget that you’re not the […]

Girl Talk: Let the games begin, Dating Your Friends Ex!

Let the games begin: Dating Your Friends Ex -This issue is a VERY touchy subject and a complicated one to address. Many people think this is NEVER okay, and others think otherwise. Before you put a friendship in danger over this ex, consider the following: How close of a friend are they? How do they […]

Girl Talk: Love or Lust, You Decide.

Love or Lust, you decide… – We all know the feeling of seeing someone FINE AS HELL and having to do a double take as they walk by. Maybe then you take it to the next step and introduce yourself and get to know one another. After many dates and enjoying their company, how do […]

Girl Talk: ‘Pampering vs Being Used’ The Difference And How You Can Tell

Pampering Your Other Or Being Used? The Difference And How You Can Tell. – Ladies, when your significant other has had a hard day at work or is stressing about other life issues, you may feel it necessary to cater to them and make them feel relaxed and appreciated. This is a great idea to […]

Girl Talk: Looking for Mr. Right In All The Wrong Places

– First off, I believe everyone has become guilty of this at some point in their lives if not many times, including myself. We long for someone to love us and are willing to search to the end of the earth for our soul mates. Finding partners through social networks are a great example. Social networks are one of […]