The Makeup Maven: Ja’Ya Jstar “Fresh, Fierce and Fabulous”.

What prompted you to become a Make-up Maven? laughs, You’re mess [smiles]. It’s a crazy story. My dream was to become a singer, I was in a group, then went solo. While working on my demo I used to model on the side. I gave a fashion and talent show and the MUA [Makeup Agent] […]

Art Of A Lady: The Essence Of Being A Woman

Who is the young innovative woman behind Art Of A Lady? One word to describe me: Passion. I live to do everything in Passion. I believe passion distinguishes a person from ordinary to great. If I am not passionate about something, I will not do it. I will search for what I am passionate about. I am […]

SBX: Where Couture Meets The Beat

Who are you as a person, what’s behind the music? I am a Black High Fashion Male Model Recording Artist, I make beats in Silk Pajamas and ONLY record when I’m done up to the T. When and how did you first become interested in the music? I’ve been creating music for 10 years plus, My […]

Interview: Couture Luv

What does Fashion mean to you? Fashion is a reflection of my life. It has been with me and has transitioned with me though the years. There is an endless ‘Luv’ and history there that I could never be separated from.  How did you get your start in the Fashion industry? I love clothes and I wanted […]

Jonathan Sakas: The Man Behind “Tomorrow” [Interview]

[JL] 1. Please give us a little insight on who you are as a person behind the music.  [JS]: First of all, thanks for asking me to do this. As a person behind the music, I’d like to believe I’m a nice and normal guy. Most people that actually know me will probably tell you […]

Interview: Love By Monroe

[JL] 1. What does fashion mean to you? [LBM]: Fashion to me, is dressing a part and/or playing a role. Being, whoever you want to be and owning it! Some days I want to be a bad ass and rock my spikes and chains… Other days I want to be super girly and rock blingy […]