Google users outraged over decision to celebrate Cesar Chavez’s Birthday rather than Easter

Google‘s decision to celebrate Cesar Chavez’s birthday today in its Doodle, rather than Easter, has spurred some mixed reviews on Twitter. Cesar Chavez, whose 86th birthday would be today, was a labor leader, organizer, and activist. A lot of people are so upset that they are threatening to switch to Bing. It seems that Google actually hasn’t […]

Child born with HIV is ‘functionally cured’

For the first time, doctors are reporting that a child born with HIV and put on an unusually aggressive treatment regimen has been functionally cured of the infection. Now 2 years old, the Mississippi girl has only trace amounts of HIV in her bloodstream and has been able to keep the virus that causes AIDS in check without the help of […]

Set sail on “Titanic II” in 2016

Apparently an Australian Billionaire mining tycoon Clive Palmer, can’t find another mean to spend his millions other than building an exact replica of Titanic. The ship will carry the originals ships ill-fated name Titanic. Question is, will you be setting sail in 2016 on the Titanic II   Photograph: PA

Beyoncé’s Letter to First Lady Michelle Obama

Back in April, Beyoncé posted a handwritten letter to First Lady Michelle Obama via  her Tumblr, In support of the Obama campaign. Beyoncé took a moment to actually read the letter on video. Watch the video below!

Zimmerman Currently In Custody: Charged With Second Degree Murder In The Case Of Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman is currently in custody after voluntarily turning himself into Flordia Authorities. This comes days after Zimmerman’s legal team quits and will no longer represent him. Zimmerman is currently being represented by a new lawyer. Zimmerman is expected to be charged later today with second degree murder among other criminal charges. George Zimmerman is currently being held without bond. However, Zimmermans attorneys have the right […]

George Zimmerman Launches Personal Website For Donations via PayPal

Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman has apparently launched a website——to relay a message thanking his supporters, and to collect donations via PayPal for his living and defense expenses. The site had been down intermittently on Monday afternoon. “I am the real George Zimmerman,” a message on the site begins. “On Sunday February 26th, I was involved in […]

JSU Football Team Allegedly Involved In Shooting of Ryan Henderson

The weekend shooting death of a Jackson State student occurred at a party for out-going JSU football players and more than a dozen players allegedly beat Ryan Henderson before he was shot, said the victim’s mother. Sanya Henderson said football players “jumped” her son, Ryan, three times Saturday night at the Palisades Apartment before he […]

Fox News: ‘Secret Witness’ Saw Trayvon Attacking Zimmerman

According to a Fox News affiliate, the Sanford police department has a “secret witness” statement in the Trayvon Martin case that corroborates George Zimmerman’s claim of self defense. Zimmerman, 28, shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon who was unarmed as he walked back to a friend’s house in a gated community near Orlando, Florida on Feb. 26. […]

Florida Police Recordings Released In Killing Of Trayvon Martin

By now, you’ve probably heard the unfortunate story of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African-American boy who was gunned down by a neighborhood watch leader over two weeks ago. On February 26, Trayvon was watching the NBA All-Star game at his father’s house in a white-dominated community of Sanford, FL when he was sent to […]

Jason Russell Mastermind Behind “Kony 2012” Was Caught Masturbating

2:15 PM PST: Law enforcement sources tell us … there are NO plans to charge Russell with a crime for yesterday’s incident.  2:08 PM PST: Law enforcement sources tell us … Russell is being hospitalized on a 5150 psychiatric hold so authorities can assess his mental state. The 5150 hold allows authorities to keep Russell for up to 3 […]