Contributing Author: Martha McGuire

Hey everyone. I’ll start off by saying I’m truly honored to be a part of this site. Jayer Laurent is an amazing person and I’m truly excited to be a continuous contribution to his masterpiece.

My name is Martha McGuire and I’m a college student at the University of Kentucky. I’m obsessed with fashion and hope to own my own boutique after

college. I’ve been blessed to be associated with Toya Wright, Nicki Minaj and YMCMB to name a few. These are great people I’ve met, support and also inspire me every single day. No, no… Never a groupie I just have to give credit to those whom inspire my drive to the top.

I have experienced a lot in my young life, and had to grow up early. Sharing my stories and advice with you readers is great for me because I know I could be helping someone going through the same struggles or even prevent them.

Follow me on instagram or tweet me anytime with your feedback. I may even follow back if you ask nicely 😉

xoxo- Martha McGuire