Sara The Moguless


I am proud to bring yet another talented young mind aboard Jayér Laurent & CO. 

With a keen eye for fashion and photography. Sara The Moguless truly knows the Art of Being A Lady.

Now that formalities are out of the way let me introduce you to… Sara Allie thee one and only Sara The Moguless… –  Jayér Laurent

My name is Sara Allie. I am an aspiring Wardrobe Stylist in the DMV area. I ‘m also known SaraTheMoguless. I seek to create Art in every aspect of my life, mostly through wardrobe.
While on board with Jayér Laurent & CO. I’ll be under the Fashion division and in charge of “Get The Look”. Can’t wait til you get guys see what I have in store for you!
I can be reached via twitter and my personal email address listed below.
twitter: @SaraTheMoguless