Caviar Manicures

Caviar manicures — so called because it looks like you dipped your nails in pretty fish eggs — are the latest in crazy nail trends. With the help of the Ciaté Caviar Manicure set, you’ll be simply surprised, and thrilled, by how easy it was to get the effect: simply paint two coats of polish on your nail (do […]

The Makeup Maven: Ja’Ya Jstar “Fresh, Fierce and Fabulous”.

What prompted you to become a Make-up Maven? laughs, You’re mess [smiles]. It’s a crazy story. My dream was to become a singer, I was in a group, then went solo. While working on my demo I used to model on the side. I gave a fashion and talent show and the MUA [Makeup Agent] […]

Miss McGuire’s Top 5 Beauty Picks!

Everyone loves to look in the mirror and see a fresh face smiling back. Infomercials are always difficult to trust and you still may be clueless as to what works best for your skin type. In this post, I’ve gathered my personal top 5 beauty must haves (that I have tested) and am going to […]

5 Smoothies for Perfect Skin

THE CLEAR SKIN SMOOTHIE   This smoothie, created by Koff, uses a protein powder made from hemp seeds, which is a balanced source of skin-boosting omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The dandelion greens are great for the liver, helping to detox the body and skin; the avocado and raw cacao powder contain a powerful mix […]

Honey Facial Mask Recipe

Who knew the honey sitting in your kitchen cabinet was your best resource for fighting skin care woes like pimples and dry skin? It’s true — honey facial mask recipes have been used by generations of the most beauty astute women because honey moisturizes skin naturally, and it is a natural bacteria fighter for stubborn pimples. Honey […]

4 Skin Sins You Can’t Commit

SKIN SIN NO. 1: NOT USING OIL ON YOUR FACE Does simply hearing the word “oil” make you break out? While you may balk at the idea of applying oil on your face — especially if you have oily skin — using it can actually decrease your skin’s oil production. Sounds crazy, but hear us out: Over-cleansing stimulates the sebum […]

The Simmons Sisters and Couture Luv, ‘Fashionable for Obama 2012’

Recently Couture Luv has joined forces with the Simmons Sisters, Angela and Vanessa for their ‘Gotta Vote Block Party’  in Miami, Florida in support of Obama’s Re-election in 2012. As an incentive to let young adults know that it’s okay to vote… While looking fashionable nonetheless; Couture Luv gave fashion filled gift bags to whose, who of Miamis’ socialites […]

Interview: Couture Luv

What does Fashion mean to you? Fashion is a reflection of my life. It has been with me and has transitioned with me though the years. There is an endless ‘Luv’ and history there that I could never be separated from.  How did you get your start in the Fashion industry? I love clothes and I wanted […]

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Naturally!

Dark circles are one of the biggest concerns among women of all ages, and even some men. Under-eye circles create the illusion of being tired with both men and women, and it’s widely believed that discoloration under or around the eye causes people to appear older than just wrinkles or grey hair alone. Fortunately, there […]

Homemade Organic Face and Body Wash

I was on twitter the other day and I came across a little organic homemade face recipe on my timeline and I decided to share it with you guys! Ingredients: – Equate Gentle Skin Cleanser [Walmart – $5.97] – Freeman Facial Clay Mask (Avocado and Oatmeal) [Walmart – In store prices may very] – Fresh Lemon Juice […]