Get The Look: April is a promise that May is bound to keep

“April is a promise that May is bound to keep” Photography: Sara Allie Outfit 1: Printed Button down Shirt: JC Penney Black and White Striped Pants: Macy’s Black and White Shoes: Vans Earrings: Chanel Outfit 2: Printed Button Down Shirt: JC Penney Yellow Pencil Skirt: JC Penney Orange Pointed Heels: Target Earrings: Chanel I decided […]

Art Of A Lady: The Essence Of Being A Woman

Who is the young innovative woman behind Art Of A Lady? One word to describe me: Passion. I live to do everything in Passion. I believe passion distinguishes a person from ordinary to great. If I am not passionate about something, I will not do it. I will search for what I am passionate about. I am […]

Couture Luv and RHOA Bring The Heat For Cynthia Bailey’s P.T. Moscato Launch

The Official party for Cynthia Bailey’s P.T. Moscato Launch took place (7/26) at bar ONE Lounge – 687 Memorial Drive SE Grant Park, GA 30316 – 7pm – 9pm. It was a major success and she look fab!  Ashley Williams, the owner Couture Luv was able to mingle with Cynthia Bailey as well as her husband Peter […]

Culture Shock Presents ‘Couture Luv’

Date: July 21st – 5pm until…  (Walk starts at 6pm) Location: 1254 Murphy Avenue SW Atlanta GA 30310 Sponsors: Ikes Tropical Food Marts, African City,, Prolific Perceptions…. Culture Shock is a fashion show that showcases different tastes in art, talent, & fashion from different cultural backgrounds that will create a positive reflex response to the society! I […]

The Simmons Sisters and Couture Luv, ‘Fashionable for Obama 2012’

Recently Couture Luv has joined forces with the Simmons Sisters, Angela and Vanessa for their ‘Gotta Vote Block Party’  in Miami, Florida in support of Obama’s Re-election in 2012. As an incentive to let young adults know that it’s okay to vote… While looking fashionable nonetheless; Couture Luv gave fashion filled gift bags to whose, who of Miamis’ socialites […]

Interview: Couture Luv

What does Fashion mean to you? Fashion is a reflection of my life. It has been with me and has transitioned with me though the years. There is an endless ‘Luv’ and history there that I could never be separated from.  How did you get your start in the Fashion industry? I love clothes and I wanted […]

Interview: Love By Monroe

[JL] 1. What does fashion mean to you? [LBM]: Fashion to me, is dressing a part and/or playing a role. Being, whoever you want to be and owning it! Some days I want to be a bad ass and rock my spikes and chains… Other days I want to be super girly and rock blingy […]